Your Friendship ???

by - 12.13

AssalamuAlaikum.wr.wb.... :)
  Cheer work today, even though the heart still thingking about the files in the laptop suddenly disappear ..Oww Noo !!! I am Cry
the photographs and all files lectures, soo said the lecturer can Insha Allah
amien,,,amien,,,pleasee help me

  nah, tuk ngilangin rasa itu goo dinner with vitry and anthy, soo happy although only three of them for yet another buzy,and todat should go back to college with my friend narzisst
but although we were almost 2 years {if not wrong}
but dah old cam along...
always share the ups and down [berpelukan]

  Today the task of working kid "Metode Penelitian" actually a Long time since but that's the nature that can not
be lost always delay,tomorrow,tomorrow...*asik*
eventually always done in haste
{not not emulated}
   Too many stories have we spent together a lot of positive impact {reputedly}
Insha Allah :) Soo Thank to My Friend always accompany college days i'II not saturated
sharing of task ranging from lectures,work,fashion,romance
woooww,,,Just with it's beautiful

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