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by - 12.20

Assalamualaikum and hello

    helloo ... Woooww matching them really well!
    it's who?? nah he was our friend's name Vitry and the man is Heri.
Okay actually, it's just a coincidence we walk - the road together to enjoy a day of week, and the coincidence with the master and mistress of photographers so what's wrong with trying to take a more romantic image, with the hope that what's in the top picture it will realized.amien
And in fact they actually will plan of the women if this has been out of college ... well we always support the best anyway so not really, especially if they are already established and ready. as the host blog, I hope all goes well and hopefully you guys paired up to the age that separates amien,amien,amien

sayapun menatap Langit Biru dan berucap "when I will meet my life partner"

Wassalam :} 

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