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by - 09.53

Assalamualaikum and Hello
   What is everyone?? Healthy, Syukur Alhamdulilah
ya, want this story originated from the vagaries of shoutmix are not free anymore so many are turning to FiBox one of them,
  woOaah.... first place was busy for a chat it up again follow - memollow :}
but finally allowed to meet friends, although not actually know who he was, but it does not matter it's important in a good thing. example of one of them is willing to send a painter and painting for a friend in fibox hahah I Forgot the name of who he was but honestly I like it. and this is the first time I was given banyak.dan okay thank you again .....

 This theme of her paintings " BUDAK DALAM HUTAN"

who is willing to help me.I really lose track of the woods hahahahah ^ ^

Wassalam :)

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