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Assalamualaikum and Hello

expression of surprise OMG  !!!!!!!!! Gadis Ditag Oleh   Mrs.Mira Suhaimi  Soo Thanks Dearr [BigHug]

 terms and conditions 
 You must post this rules in your entry.
 Each person must post about themselves in their entry.
 Answer the question than tagger set for you in their post. And create eleven new questions for new people you tagged to answer.
 You have to choose eleven people to tag link them on the post.
 Go to their page and tell them you have tagged HIM/HER.
 No stuff in tagging section ''YOU ARE TAGGED IF YOU READING THIS''.
 " YOU ARE LEGITIMATELY'' -a.k.a REALY , TRUST , WITH ALL HONEST- have tag eleven people.

okay, dah khatam dengan pe-pantang nye ...
next step ...

Soalan - Soalan Dari Mira :
1. apa tujuan anda createblog ??
2. apa perasaan anda lau blog anda ramai followers ??
3. apa perasaan ditinggalkan orang tersayang ??
4. apa impian anda ??
5. apa perasaan anda lau 1 hari anda dapat iphone ??
6. teringin tak nak pegang camera DLSR ??
7. antara ayam & kambing mana pilihan anda ?? sebab ??
8. apakah ciri lelaki/ wanita idaman anda ??
9. bila anda tersesat disebuah pulau, apa yang anda lakukan ??
10. siapa idola anda ??
11. bila dapat 1 juta apa yang anda lakukan ??

Jawapan Gadis :
1. My goal was to make this blog as a means to share all of what I experience daily and funnel all of my love of photos and fashion, and to find many friends again.
2. woooww my followers crowded ... if I would be more diligent in updating the blog and give the best for the followers and try to meet and gather in a place to take photos and do things - a positive thing.
3. abandoned mean? I've lost a father that I really loved, and that's the thing that makes me almost slumped for several months, it was the saddest thing.
4. I dream so much, I mentioned some of the well, I want to be a woman sholehah, successful career women both at home and the surrounding environment of the future, and so civil servants and businessmen as well as photographers for now.
5. I've never had any intention of having the iphone
6. very, very, and are eager to have it,,, hopefully this year I can have it
7. ayam ,  
because I already know of a small chicken, my late father was a businessman chicken.
8. features of my dream man, first she obedient to GOD.
The next feature that I know enough.
9. when lost in the woods? I'll make friends with the forest and its inhabitants.
10. Soo Many.
11. will contribute to the poor, who are less capable of sharing the remainder will be happy if there are family

Sooooo Thanks Mira, Gadis Dah Beri Jawapan :} 


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