♥ Weekend

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Assalamualaikum and hello

green ... green ... and green
This week we went to the golf course,

    This the first time want to try their pictures taken under the pouring rain but, it did not take place because only drizzling rain yesterday afternoon and invited the sick well, my fever has been proved now, yesterday it was really funny to sit - sit waiting for the rich people who completed a round of golf , all the gentlemen that appeared to be particularly enjoy beating their ball very far away .... hahahahha ^ ^
and finally they finished well around the field, and tennis is not very friendly very, very muddy soo very hard to capture the location of a beautiful boy, so I, and anti-via can not go further to find the beautiful,,,, Ooohhh afraid of dirty legs.

but I'm not scared, even though I managed to jump out it's all dirty and itchy feet .... but still happy

and since the atmosphere grew dark and the camera is not good
well, it's good to go home and return home before the first stomach contents

here it is "batagor"

Wassalam :}

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