♥ Last Monday

by - 22.23

Assalamualaikum and Helloo

     how are you friend? what about this Monday,
 if you ask me today are not friendly anymore because ............................... I passed out at the office!
and all this is very sad when I was undergoing the final exam of the semester. caused by irregular sleep patterns.

   how could all happen so I actually do not remember this incident because I was feeling before passing out is a whole body felt cold and very cold ... until last fall. but thankfully now it is a little better, although still 70 percent, and last evening I went down to campus for exams, for the first time delivered and picked up by his older brother .... soo sorry to bother you ..

    I was just told to you, keep your health because it is very expensive, set the pattern of eating and sleeping (should be) and be aware of the importance of healthy self-start now before it's too late.

   okey guys, good night and maintain a healthy
gingsul girls always love you
you are my loyal readers and listeners
thank you soo

Wassalam :)

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