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Assalamualaikum and Hello

    Wednesday greetings, how are you friend? Was healthy? Today I want to tell us a bit about a brother who I consider to be an idol, idol meant that she was a woman who is very clever in the polish make-up, even very good at juggling a beautiful face that I think as far as what I know after following him on the blog or facebook.

Nur Shafinatul <3 Lawaa 
  and also a good boy in the eyes of his family's eldest brother figure who cared for her younger siblings even in my opinion he is not only a brother but also a friend of my mom and sister.soo GoodLuck akak gojess..
     wahh, happy people who should know and is close to my akak fyna neh ..
I just do not really know only through the virtual world very well be how the near and next to ...
and so give me a surprise follow on twitter and yeaaayyyyy akak ....
akak follow me back .... OMG ....

#Me : OMG ..... akak Fyna <3 Sooo thanks 

#This is one message that really impressed me
  you are not familiar with it fyna sister? well, not great if you do not know what it was okey I love akak link if you want to know ...

n/p : I think it would meet with a brother, really want

Wassalam :)

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